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Jong Stit Co., Ltd is the leading Polyester textile manufacturer in Thailand.With 83 years of experience in the textile industry, our business group operates in vertical integration in Polyester products, from downstream to upstream. We provide a wide range of fabrics,especially Plush Toy Fabric which has more than 200 patterns. Indeed, we are also Thailand's number-one Plush Toy Fabric supplier! Our leading-edge process technology, trendy fabric, and high-quality products that we prompt to serve !

What is Plush Toy Fabric?

Many people wonder what a Plush Toy Fabric is? Because there are various types, patterns, and even textures. And all of these points depend on personal preferences. But some soft toys are always everyone's favourite no matter how long it has been.
We're gonna talk about 6 types of Plush toy fabric. Although each type is different, we have developed various types and textures to make your finished goods perfect! There are


Terry cloth or Terry loops is a very good absorbent. In addition, its texture is gentle to the skin, even sensitive skin. And Terry fabric is the most popular choice because of its durability.

Towels and Bathrobes are the most used because terry fabric is very absorbing. It can also make a hotel blanket or soft toys a 2-in-1 gift. For example, soft toys can turn into a handkerchief, so worth it!

Polar Fleece


Polar Fleece fabric has a very soft touch, fluffy, lightweight, warm, quick drying and easy to care for. It's usually printed into various patterns, making this fabric always trendy.


Rather than the above, people often make jackets, winterwear, beanies, hoodies, sweatpants and even softy blankets. And soft toys will be stuffed into various styles to make them fluffier.



Velboa fabric has a lightweight, special soft touch and can print into different styles. Solid colour is another luxurious look.


Soft toys, neck pillows and cushions are usually made of Velboa fabric.The fabric texture gives your soft toys a classy look with asmooth touch.



Velour fabric is knitted from a special Polyester fibre to create a suede-like surface. And the fabric is more flexible and softer compared to actual suede fabric.


It can produce a wide range of products, including upholstery, sofa, kidswear, soft toys, blankets, etc. Velour fabric makes your soft toys a smooth touch when cuddling.



Polyboa fabric is fluffy, lightweight, breathable, and durable. And it doesn't matter how thick it is; it's always quick drying.Moreover, it can be washed by the washing machine.


Polyboa fabric is popular for winterwear, jackets, slippers and blankets. Soft toys are another favourite pick to create a fluffy texture and are easily found in the market.

Twisted Rose


Twist brushed fabric into a rose shape.Its pile is polished and fluffy, the most popular choice of the special finished fabric.

twist rose plush toy

Suitable for cushions, sofa cover sheets and furniture. This fabric will provide a unique pattern for soft toys, making it remarkable for your special ones.

Let's see what kind of product can be produced with each fabric.

The fabrics mentioned above can be used to create various soft toys.Each fabric provides a different feeling, touch, and specialty depending on the preferences.


Choosing fabric has several factors, such as preferences, applications, etc. But the most important thing is the customer's need comes first and be a trendy supplier. These will make you a customer's first choice !

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