” You could help reduce Global warming by using  Sherpa Fabric

What could do better than warmth and a perfect silky touch ? “


Global warming has been causing people to pay more attention to sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Choosing the right sustainable products is now essential for the current shopping trend. Specifically products from Animals, many people tend not to support products made from animals as many claim this is not sustainable. Nowadays, the global brand has introduced what we know as Sustainable products to attract a new wave of ‘Green’ customers.

As we discuss Sherpa fabric, most people still perceive the old-school way of getting fur from Sheep to produce winter garments. However, we do not always have to do the traditional methods. There is Sherpa fur made from 100% synthetic fiber from Polyester material. Warmth and softness might not be at an equal level to animal fur, but it proves to be more sustainable since Polyester material can be recycled.


Lightweight & Stretchy


Promising Durability


Lifetime product


Planet friendly product innovation


Sherpa fabric poses a unique identifier: lightweight, stretchy, and promising durability. In addition to using the post-consumer PET to make Polyester fiber, these characteristics are the main reason Sherpa fabric is quite expensive in the market. However, consumers consider Sherpa fabric a lifetime product, especially when used for winter garments.

``Light, soft, water absorbency, and smooth for your skin``

Sherpa fabric has a variety of pile lengths and densities. In each specification, its usage can be varied. Most Sherpa fabrics will have a smooth hand-feel, lightweight, and good water absorbency. It can be seen in children’s wear with its softness attribute.

Usage of Sherpa fabric

Sherpa fabric can apply to various products depending on the purpose of each garment.

1. Blanket and bedding to provide warmth

There is no doubt about the essential aspect of a Blanket when we are sleeping. Consumer trends will be focusing on smooth texture and hand-feeling. It is seen that consumers can go beyond the standard price tag to obtain a quality blanket that might last their lifetime.


2. Winter jacket

A fur jacket made from Sherpa fabric can be applied with many designs using its customizable colors, density, and warmness. Half coat of Long coat using Sherpa fabric will provide a strong sense of fashion to its wearer.


3. Hat / Scarf / Boots

Currently, fast fashion is trending. This resulted in many high brands competing for their spot by producing various Sherpa fabric garments. Moreover, with its warmth characteristic, it is perfectly worn in the winter.


4. Multi-purpose fabric

The multi-purpose fabrics made from Sherpa fabric provide excellent water absorbency. Therefore, it can be used in car polishing and cleaning. It is considered low maintenance fabric, but its lifetime would be short due to its small size.


How to Wash

Normally products made from Sherpa fabrics –For instance, fashionable garments–could be seen with a special Care Label. Nevertheless, the best way to maintain its quality is to Dry Wash. This method of washing will maintain its lifetime. Also, there is strongly recommend not to dry the fabric in a high-temperature environment as this will damage the fabric and cause unacceptable shrinkage.

In the event of strained fabric, a good suggestion will be soft brushing with water or soap. Please be reminded not to twist, as this will cause the garment to deconstruct—Sherpa fabric is made from 100% Polyester and can be washable. However, please follow the care label attached with the products to ensure that it will last longer with us.

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