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is the leading polyester textile manufacturer in Thailand.

        Over 83 years, since 1940
Jong Stit Co.,Ltd. was established by Cheevapravatdomrong’s family.
        Jong Stit Co, Ltd. is the knitted polyester fabric company under the umbrella of Jong Stit Group.
        This company group has operated in vertical integration and proficiently provided polyester products and services through research and development.


            Jong stit Group contains three companies. First, Jong Stit Co., Ltd.is a well-recognized polyester fabric supplier with     a 72,000 ton capacity per year.The manufacturer is based in Samut Sakorn province, Thailand, where the companylocates the production facilities and sales office. The firm’s sales team provides premium service and quick response to our clients. The company has serviced customers situated all around the world.
            According to Jong stit, one of the biggest textiles manufacturers in Thailand, the company produces various types of knitted fabric from polyesters such as rib-knit fabric, french terry fabric,jersey fabric, tricot fabric, fleece, and flannel. For this lesson, the company’s customers are in various industries: garment industry, furniture, automotive, Home textile, Toys, Sports equipment, and accessories.


             Jong stit aims to be a sustainable fabric supplier and enhance business with our recycling processes and eco-friendly products.
             The company is committed to decreasing environmental problems. Therefore, the firm has started with promoting knowledge of employees in terms of using various resources Cost-effective and efficient.
             Consequently, the Increasing environmental policy is the first step toward becoming a sustainable business. We are concerned about the importance of reducing the environmental impact, both directly and indirectly, in every production process.
Blue Fleece 2 Sided Brushed Fabric-GTR2-BK41530Z-3
      The directly decreasing impact is using the recycling process by bringing plastic bottles through recycling and knit back into fabric.
      Moreover, we reduce processes that will indirectly affect the environment,for example, switching from dyeing to dope dyed technology to reduce water consumption, management of wastes, water treatment ponds, and increased prevention of various pollutions. Therefore, we desire to be a recycled polyester fabric supplier with a stable business operation for the long term in conjunction with being environmentally friendly.
       With a long experience,we have won the trust of both local and export customers.We are a professional polyester fabric manufacturer in Thailand, both virgin and recycled polyester fabric.We are ready to serve every customer to help everycustomer fulfill their needs.We offer our customers the best service, guidance,and inspiration to achieve any project.


I'm very pleased with the fleece fabric's quality. And well-organized is my favorite aspect of buying from Jong Stit.
I had been doing business with Jong Stit for over 10 years and my custom-made fabric had never disappointed me.
They always keep me update on new developed fabric and their stock's quality is also superior.
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