Trendy Colour in 2023

…….…….Get yourself ready early this year. A fashionista needs to get posted about trendy colour in 2023. Let’s get started !!!
…….…….“Trendy Colour” is one of the important parts of the fashion and textile industry. Colour reflects appearance, feeling, and how the world changed in each era. Naturally, the popularity of colour varies, so we have to keep updated every year and the future trend. This becomes the thing that all fashionista always keep their eyes on.
…….…….Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2023 is “Viva Magenta 18-1750”. It’s a mixture of purple with a little bit of red (or dark red) that balances warm and cool.
…….……..“Viva Magenta 18-1750” is a shade of magenta illustrating strength, braveness, and fearlessness. This color is full of happiness, cheerfulness, and optimism. Representing the lifeful driving to the future, it’s the combination of artificial intelligence and human creativity working together and designing “The Magentaverse.” So, stay tuned for what Viva Magenta will be used in our daily life.
…….…….Rather than the Pantone colour Viva Magenta 18-1750 is rooted in the ancient age, it’s also stimulating the soul and builds up the strength of our mind.

Examples of the fashion influence in 2023

1.Low waist fashion

…….…….The “Y2K” fashion comes back in 2023. The low waist pants used to be so popular in the 90′ and are now trendy again, along with jeans, skirts, and shorts that look very good with crop tops.

2.Cobalt blue fashion

…….……..Last  year was a year of Fuchsia Pink, but in 2023, cobalt blue is now replacing it. Cobalt blue has actually been on the fashion industry’s frontline for a long time. And the return of cobalt blue is one of the interesting things used in various clothing, either dresses or jackets. Hence, the fashion lover who doesn’t want to miss this out, so cobalt blue is a must-have item in the closet.

3.Tie-dyed fashion

…….…….Tie-dyed clothing was a favoured fashion back then during the pandemic and continued to be trendy in 2023 with various styles, from dark to light-tone colours, and makes a unique and natural look.

4.Floral fashion

…….…….Inspired by the popular floral pattern in 2006 and now in 2023, it still never goes out of style and can be made into shirts, pants, and dresses. It can also be an outstanding and extraordinary design and a very interesting choice for fashion lovers sometimes.

5.Pastel colour fashion

………….In the summertime, comfortable clothing is a must-have item, and the trendy colour is Pastel. Blue, Green, and Grey are upcoming stylish colour instead of pink, which used to be the hottest ones last year.
………….Fashion trends in 2023 can be influenced by various factors, like social networking or fashion insiders, such as designers, stylists, and fashion editors, who also play a significant role in forecasting fashion trends. However, only some of the trends are suited to all countries. Here’s a tips, choose your favourite and what makes you confidence that could be the best trend in 2023.
………….Viva Magenta, the Pantone of 2023, the characteristic of this colour is fabulous. Believing that the fashion lover will be in love with it, and for those who want to explore more colour, let’s check this out


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