What is Fleece Fabric ?

Many people often wonder about the difference between “Polyester Fleece” and “Cotton Fleece” in terms of their properties because these 2 fabrics are quite similar. However, most people still understand that they are the same fabric, so let’s learn more about “Fleece.”

What's the difference between

'' Polyester Fleece '' and '' Cotton Fleece '' ?

Polyester Fleece is made of 100% Polyester Fiber. Its structure provides warmth and good ventilation. It’s very popular for sweaters and fashionable clothing – also dyeable in various colours.

Cotton Fleece is made from cotton trees. It’s well insulated and provides adequate cooling. However, the fabric is not long-lasting. Long-term use and washing machines are not recommended because the fabric will become flaky and tougher.

As a result, when consumers understand the difference, particularly in terms of durability, they tend to buy Polyester Fleece more than Cotton Fleece. Consumers always think carefully before spending any penny on long-term use.

Polyester Fleece can be divided into below types :

1). Sweater Fleece Fabric

This soft sweater fabric is durable and warm. Popular in making sportswear, cloth lining, blankets, garments, long sleeves, outerwear and coats.

2). Polar Fleece Fabric

The fabric is exceptionally soft, lightweight, warm, easy to clean and quick-dry. It’s popular for making clothes and accessories such as jackets, sweaters, hats, trousers, hoodies, and even super soft blankets.

3). Boucle Fleece Fabric

One side has a curled pile, while the other side is brushed, providing a warm and soft touch. The appearance is different from the Polar Fleece. It’s suitable for making coats, cardigans, skirts, jackets, fashion suits, etc.

4). Velour Fleece Fabric

This fabric is made from a unique Polyester Fiber, which has a suede-like texture but is more flexible. This fabric is soft and has a smooth surface. Can be made various products including curtains, sofas, clothing, etc.

5). VelFleece Fabric

Vel-Fleece fabric is made of a Polyester Fiber and knitted to imitate animal fur. The length is generally between 0.3-0.5 mm. The fabric is smooth and has a soft texture similar to real fur. Perfect for making baby blankets, neck cushions, home décor and clothing such as leggings.

What product can be produced using Fleece Fabric ?

As a result, the most important thing is selecting a fabric appropriate for the application. And Fleece Fabric could be one of the options for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Furthermore, long-term use and easy care can make purchasing decisions much simpler.

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