Trendy Colour in 2023

Trendy Colour in 2023

…….…….Get yourself ready early this year. A fashionista needs to get posted about trendy colour in 2023. Let’s get started !!!
…….…….“Trendy Colour” is one of the important parts of the fashion and textile industry. Colour reflects appearance, feeling, and how the world changed in each era. Naturally, the popularity of colour varies, so we have to keep updated every year and the future trend. This becomes the thing that all fashionista always keep their eyes on.
…….…….Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2023 is “Viva Magenta 18-1750”. It’s a mixture of purple with a little bit of red (or dark red) that balances warm and cool.
…….……..“Viva Magenta 18-1750” is a shade of magenta illustrating strength, braveness, and fearlessness. This color is full of happiness, cheerfulness, and optimism. Representing the lifeful driving to the future, it’s the combination of artificial intelligence and human creativity working together and designing “The Magentaverse.” So, stay tuned for what Viva Magenta will be used in our daily life.
…….…….Rather than the Pantone colour Viva Magenta 18-1750 is rooted in the ancient age, it’s also stimulating the soul and builds up the strength of our mind.

Examples of the fashion influence in 2023

1.Low waist fashion

…….…….The “Y2K” fashion comes back in 2023. The low waist pants used to be so popular in the 90′ and are now trendy again, along with jeans, skirts, and shorts that look very good with crop tops.

2.Cobalt blue fashion

…….……..Last  year was a year of Fuchsia Pink, but in 2023, cobalt blue is now replacing it. Cobalt blue has actually been on the fashion industry’s frontline for a long time. And the return of cobalt blue is one of the interesting things used in various clothing, either dresses or jackets. Hence, the fashion lover who doesn’t want to miss this out, so cobalt blue is a must-have item in the closet.

3.Tie-dyed fashion

…….…….Tie-dyed clothing was a favoured fashion back then during the pandemic and continued to be trendy in 2023 with various styles, from dark to light-tone colours, and makes a unique and natural look.

4.Floral fashion

…….…….Inspired by the popular floral pattern in 2006 and now in 2023, it still never goes out of style and can be made into shirts, pants, and dresses. It can also be an outstanding and extraordinary design and a very interesting choice for fashion lovers sometimes.

5.Pastel colour fashion

………….In the summertime, comfortable clothing is a must-have item, and the trendy colour is Pastel. Blue, Green, and Grey are upcoming stylish colour instead of pink, which used to be the hottest ones last year.
………….Fashion trends in 2023 can be influenced by various factors, like social networking or fashion insiders, such as designers, stylists, and fashion editors, who also play a significant role in forecasting fashion trends. However, only some of the trends are suited to all countries. Here’s a tips, choose your favourite and what makes you confidence that could be the best trend in 2023.
………….Viva Magenta, the Pantone of 2023, the characteristic of this colour is fabulous. Believing that the fashion lover will be in love with it, and for those who want to explore more colour, let’s check this out


The fleece and pile fabric kingdom, there are plenty of choices and up-to-date fashion trends for you to choose from!

What fabric is suitable for making Winterwear ?

          The world is now more open, and many new businesses have been founded. Consumers tend to have more freedom to choose the products. As a result, it’s the turn of those who are looking for a new start for business and collecting business data to reach potential consumers. This is to make a smooth repeat purchase and grow steadily in the business, and not surprisingly, why the fashion industry is always trendy.
          There are many kinds of fashion businesses, but today we’ll talk about the fabric for making winterwear. Some of youmay still wonder what fabric type is good for cutting winterwear garments because Thailand has many kinds of fabric and differences in appearance, properties, and texture. And how to make “winterwear garment business” to be more outstanding than competitors. We’d like to share major popular fabrics with you for your guidance!
          Thailand is considered a hot country, and many Thai people often plan to go abroad at the end of the year. Therefore,    the winterwear garment business is one of the most popular business opportunities for start-ups, and how to choose the fabric is     also very important.
          In Thailand, there are 5 main types of fabric. And winterwear is usually made from 100% Polyester because of the comfortable, long-lasting, and durable. So let’s have a look at each of them!

5 Fabrics for Winterwear


         Poly Boa fabric provides a soft touch, lightweight, breathable, and very durable. It can be washed by washing machine without pilling. And even Poly Boa fabric is quite thick, but it dries quickly.
         Poly Boa fabric can make into various products such as winterwear, jackets, slippers, blankets and soft toys.


          Fleece fabric has a slightly brushed surface, making it popular for imitating wool. Its properties are soft to the touch, temperature maintaining, warm, durable, and lightweight.
          Fleece fabric is a perfect choice for making blankets, sportswear, etc, and very good to use in low-temperature areas.


          Sherpa fabric is one of the Fleece families and looks similar to genuine sheepskin.This fabric gives a fluffy touch.It’s        warm, much lighter than sheepskin, durable, and very easy to care for. It doesn’t matter how thick it is; it always dries quickly.
           Sherpa fabric is usually made as a lining fabric, such as jackets, coats, or fluffy blankets. Therefore,this fabric is                   a perfect choice for winterwear.

Laminated fabric

          Laminated fabric is 2 fabrics glued together. Its fine texture makes it easy to use and suitable for making a premium product. In addition, the laminated fabric is perfect for clothing such as jackets, pants, and uniforms, which need thickness and warmth.

Boucle Like

         A single-side brushed Poly Boa and Fleece fabric is very trendy. Suitable for making various winterwear clothing, the pile side provides fluffy touch, while the fleece side has a very smooth texture. Not irritate the skin and has lightweight making it easy to carry and suitable for all ages.
         As a result, the most important thing when starting a winterwear garment business is to know the fabric characteristic and what type of winterwear suits your target business. And you need to have a perfect production line with prompt service that can provide your customer with a professional consultation. Finally, when all data is ready, it should come with the investment fund and how to achieve the ROI; everything needs to be carefully considered for the beginner. If you’re interested in starting the business, please feel free to ask. We have a one-stop service and are ready to serve!
the biggest plush toy fabric

The biggest plush toy fabric manufacturer in Thailand

Jong Stit Co., Ltd is the leading Polyester textile manufacturer in Thailand.With 83 years of experience in the textile industry, our business group operates in vertical integration in Polyester products, from downstream to upstream. We provide a wide range of fabrics,especially Plush Toy Fabric which has more than 200 patterns. Indeed, we are also Thailand's number-one Plush Toy Fabric supplier! Our leading-edge process technology, trendy fabric, and high-quality products that we prompt to serve !

What is Plush Toy Fabric?

Many people wonder what a Plush Toy Fabric is? Because there are various types, patterns, and even textures. And all of these points depend on personal preferences. But some soft toys are always everyone's favourite no matter how long it has been.
We're gonna talk about 6 types of Plush toy fabric. Although each type is different, we have developed various types and textures to make your finished goods perfect! There are


Terry cloth or Terry loops is a very good absorbent. In addition, its texture is gentle to the skin, even sensitive skin. And Terry fabric is the most popular choice because of its durability.

Towels and Bathrobes are the most used because terry fabric is very absorbing. It can also make a hotel blanket or soft toys a 2-in-1 gift. For example, soft toys can turn into a handkerchief, so worth it!

Polar Fleece


Polar Fleece fabric has a very soft touch, fluffy, lightweight, warm, quick drying and easy to care for. It's usually printed into various patterns, making this fabric always trendy.


Rather than the above, people often make jackets, winterwear, beanies, hoodies, sweatpants and even softy blankets. And soft toys will be stuffed into various styles to make them fluffier.



Velboa fabric has a lightweight, special soft touch and can print into different styles. Solid colour is another luxurious look.


Soft toys, neck pillows and cushions are usually made of Velboa fabric.The fabric texture gives your soft toys a classy look with asmooth touch.



Velour fabric is knitted from a special Polyester fibre to create a suede-like surface. And the fabric is more flexible and softer compared to actual suede fabric.


It can produce a wide range of products, including upholstery, sofa, kidswear, soft toys, blankets, etc. Velour fabric makes your soft toys a smooth touch when cuddling.



Polyboa fabric is fluffy, lightweight, breathable, and durable. And it doesn't matter how thick it is; it's always quick drying.Moreover, it can be washed by the washing machine.


Polyboa fabric is popular for winterwear, jackets, slippers and blankets. Soft toys are another favourite pick to create a fluffy texture and are easily found in the market.

Twisted Rose


Twist brushed fabric into a rose shape.Its pile is polished and fluffy, the most popular choice of the special finished fabric.

twist rose plush toy

Suitable for cushions, sofa cover sheets and furniture. This fabric will provide a unique pattern for soft toys, making it remarkable for your special ones.

Let's see what kind of product can be produced with each fabric.

The fabrics mentioned above can be used to create various soft toys.Each fabric provides a different feeling, touch, and specialty depending on the preferences.


Choosing fabric has several factors, such as preferences, applications, etc. But the most important thing is the customer's need comes first and be a trendy supplier. These will make you a customer's first choice !

TerryLoop Fabric

Terry Fabric

Terry Loop Fabric has more advantages than you think !

There are 2 types of Fiber that are popular for making Terry Loop Fabric

1. Cotton

Pros : Good absorbing, Durable, Soft, Fluffy and has strong piles.

Cons : Molds grow easily in moisture.

2. Polyester

Pros : Good absorbing, durable, fluffy, environmentally friendly, available in many colors, easy to care, no molds and lightweight.

Cons : There are several knitting structures. The durability depends on weight, less GSM makes it not good absorbing and the pile falls off easily.

Accordingly, the softness depends on fiber types, from a rough to a super soft texture. The soft one is frequently used for a regular towel, hair towel, or bathmat.

Terry Loop Fabric is suitable for many applications :


1. Bath Sheet – the size is around 30×60 inch and 40×70 Mainly made for adult or hotel bath sheets or bathrobes.

2. Bath Towel – normally has 28×56 inch, good for general use. This is the most common towel for a household but the size would be smaller than a hotel towel.

3. Hair Towel – the size is around 20×35 This type is used to squeeze water out from your hair.

4. Bath Mat – is 20×31 inch, mainly used in the bathroom or kitchen. Microfiber is one of the popular choices for making a Bath Mat because of its soft texture.

5. Hand Towel – is 16×28 This can be hung anywhere in the house, either in the bathroom or the kitchen, for rubbing hands.

6. Wash Cloth – has 2 popular sizes, 13×13 and 12×12 For general purposes like cleaning the table or rubbing the car, etc.

There are 2 knitted types of Terry Loop Fabrics :

Single Yarn

  • Softer than double yarns
  • But thinner
  • Quick-dries
  • Mainly used as a Bath Towel and Microfiber Towel for household

Double Yarns

  • Tougher than a single yarn
  • Thicker
  • More durable
  • It gets smell easy when moist
  • More expensive
  • Most common in Bath Sheets, Bathrobes and Bathmats

What product can Terry Loop Fabric be made ?

1. Towel

2. Hotel Towel

3. Special Gift

4. Bath Mat

5. Slippers

6. Bathrobe

7. Hair Towel

8. Hankie

9. Hand Towel

10. Car Towel

Terry Product
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