The world is now more open, and many new businesses have been founded. Consumers tend to have more freedom to choose the products. As a result, it’s the turn of those who are looking for a new start for business and collecting business data to reach potential consumers. This is to make a smooth repeat purchase and grow steadily in the business, and not surprisingly, why the fashion industry is always trendy.
          There are many kinds of fashion businesses, but today we’ll talk about the fabric for making winterwear. Some of youmay still wonder what fabric type is good for cutting winterwear garments because Thailand has many kinds of fabric and differences in appearance, properties, and texture. And how to make “winterwear garment business” to be more outstanding than competitors. We’d like to share major popular fabrics with you for your guidance!
          Thailand is considered a hot country, and many Thai people often plan to go abroad at the end of the year. Therefore,    the winterwear garment business is one of the most popular business opportunities for start-ups, and how to choose the fabric is     also very important.
          In Thailand, there are 5 main types of fabric. And winterwear is usually made from 100% Polyester because of the comfortable, long-lasting, and durable. So let’s have a look at each of them!

5 Fabrics for Winterwear


         Poly Boa fabric provides a soft touch, lightweight, breathable, and very durable. It can be washed by washing machine without pilling. And even Poly Boa fabric is quite thick, but it dries quickly.
         Poly Boa fabric can make into various products such as winterwear, jackets, slippers, blankets and soft toys.


          Fleece fabric has a slightly brushed surface, making it popular for imitating wool. Its properties are soft to the touch, temperature maintaining, warm, durable, and lightweight.
          Fleece fabric is a perfect choice for making blankets, sportswear, etc, and very good to use in low-temperature areas.


          Sherpa fabric is one of the Fleece families and looks similar to genuine sheepskin.This fabric gives a fluffy touch.It’s        warm, much lighter than sheepskin, durable, and very easy to care for. It doesn’t matter how thick it is; it always dries quickly.
           Sherpa fabric is usually made as a lining fabric, such as jackets, coats, or fluffy blankets. Therefore,this fabric is                   a perfect choice for winterwear.

Laminated fabric

          Laminated fabric is 2 fabrics glued together. Its fine texture makes it easy to use and suitable for making a premium product. In addition, the laminated fabric is perfect for clothing such as jackets, pants, and uniforms, which need thickness and warmth.

Boucle Like

         A single-side brushed Poly Boa and Fleece fabric is very trendy. Suitable for making various winterwear clothing, the pile side provides fluffy touch, while the fleece side has a very smooth texture. Not irritate the skin and has lightweight making it easy to carry and suitable for all ages.
         As a result, the most important thing when starting a winterwear garment business is to know the fabric characteristic and what type of winterwear suits your target business. And you need to have a perfect production line with prompt service that can provide your customer with a professional consultation. Finally, when all data is ready, it should come with the investment fund and how to achieve the ROI; everything needs to be carefully considered for the beginner. If you’re interested in starting the business, please feel free to ask. We have a one-stop service and are ready to serve!
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