TerryLoop Fabric

Terry Loop Fabric has more advantages than you think !

There are 2 types of Fiber that are popular for making Terry Loop Fabric

1. Cotton

Pros : Good absorbing, Durable, Soft, Fluffy and has strong piles.

Cons : Molds grow easily in moisture.

2. Polyester

Pros : Good absorbing, durable, fluffy, environmentally friendly, available in many colors, easy to care, no molds and lightweight.

Cons : There are several knitting structures. The durability depends on weight, less GSM makes it not good absorbing and the pile falls off easily.

Accordingly, the softness depends on fiber types, from a rough to a super soft texture. The soft one is frequently used for a regular towel, hair towel, or bathmat.

Terry Loop Fabric is suitable for many applications :


1. Bath Sheet – the size is around 30×60 inch and 40×70 Mainly made for adult or hotel bath sheets or bathrobes.

2. Bath Towel – normally has 28×56 inch, good for general use. This is the most common towel for a household but the size would be smaller than a hotel towel.

3. Hair Towel – the size is around 20×35 This type is used to squeeze water out from your hair.

4. Bath Mat – is 20×31 inch, mainly used in the bathroom or kitchen. Microfiber is one of the popular choices for making a Bath Mat because of its soft texture.

5. Hand Towel – is 16×28 This can be hung anywhere in the house, either in the bathroom or the kitchen, for rubbing hands.

6. Wash Cloth – has 2 popular sizes, 13×13 and 12×12 For general purposes like cleaning the table or rubbing the car, etc.

There are 2 knitted types of Terry Loop Fabrics :

Single Yarn

  • Softer than double yarns
  • But thinner
  • Quick-dries
  • Mainly used as a Bath Towel and Microfiber Towel for household

Double Yarns

  • Tougher than a single yarn
  • Thicker
  • More durable
  • It gets smell easy when moist
  • More expensive
  • Most common in Bath Sheets, Bathrobes and Bathmats

What product can Terry Loop Fabric be made ?

1. Towel

2. Hotel Towel

3. Special Gift

4. Bath Mat

5. Slippers

6. Bathrobe

7. Hair Towel

8. Hankie

9. Hand Towel

10. Car Towel

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